Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In a world where things are not always as they seem, I have been put up as the hardest working man in the bar business. Not true .Not even close. Many guys put in more time and effort than me. Many guys even go through more of the weird side of this challenging (shitty)yet spiritually rewarding{way cool) occupation. Through all of my trials and tribulations,from the sublime to the ridiculous never have I had a cohort the likes of Thomas Drescher. Tommy has been many different thing to me over the past years. At mrbeerys our job is to make your problems evaporate, not share ours and add to your stress. That being said,we've had our share of pain and in no way shape, or form could I have kept it together with out Tommy.
Business and personal tragedy hit every single one of us here and still the cracks where hidden. Tommy got hit with the torment of a thousand cuts and stood by me with his bulletproof Beery's tee shirt never thinking about himself. He's been my student and teacher, son and brother, barkeep and booking agent, and most of all my friend. In his tenure here he asked for nothing and received it in abundance. I taught him the booking game, he learned it and promptly taught me how to do it right. The long island music scene will be forever indebted to him. He lives up to all the wonder that makes this room magic and is responsible for that much more. He makes me look like the James Brown of the hospitality industry. I won't miss him. I'll badger him constantly and seek his counsel no matter what continent he may be on and leave a candle burning in our window waiting patiently for his return. We wish him to find all the things he needs and wants. It is said when one door closes another one opens. The door here will never close for Tom. I carefully haven't used the word was. Tom is. His heart and loyalty will remain here so he will always be. On Friday, April 13 we here at mrbeerys will celebrate Tommys retirement. The party will start at 6:30. There will be food and cask ale(lagunitas kronic) and Tommy wants to buy all his pals their first drink. Please come down and say good luck and thank you for all he's done for long islands musical landmark. P.S. This will be a good opportunity for you band guys to get better acquainted with me as I will be filling Tommys big shoes. Remember how I love this guy.

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