Friday, February 17, 2012


"we'er almost thar". Goldberg's gag ,and how perfect. what it means ; that you folks that have been involved in this band battle for the last 16 years may live long enough to see this one go away. away like small pox and polio . still there but stoppable. in a week where it seamed like more friends passed away than came to play my appreciation for the small hopes has reach a new high. my crew has been responsible for a ton of research dough. my friends, family and patrons have all given countless hours to this day. all of the local merchants and purveyors that contribute to the prizes make this a musical rock soup. the bands fill every genre known and some not known until Sunday, February 19 ,2012 @ mrbeerys in Bethpage (shameless self promotion, not withstanding) . we'll be here running the party that has made February important for 16 years in hope that we'll be able to find something else to hope for.

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  1. What a great day and night at Mr. Beery's.