Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today is the anniversary of my birth. I have already received over a thousand written thoughts of good wishes. I'm pondering how lucky it is to be me. Every one of these thoughts come through my phone so I'm also pondering two other things ; 1)exactly how lucky the woman who sleeps next to me feels after the non-stop alerts all night and )2 why the hell are all you freaks up all times of the night.My friggin phone's battery was depleted twice. It will in all probability take until my next birthday to say thanx individually to everyone, but I'll read them all and thank the Gods to be this fortunate. When people ask "Steve, if you died who would you wanna come back as?" my answer as it has been since my charmed life began, me. Thank all of you for making me a part of your lives. Now get off your asses and out from in front of the computer and come see me in person, this my be my last b'day with hair!


  1. i think you're just lucky to have a woman sleeping next to you.

  2. Happy Birthday Steve, how old are you?? I bet you have lost count by now.......LOL